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About Us

Morley's Place - Expect the Unexpected

Morleys Place

Situated in the middle of a Spice Plantation on the banks of the River Periyar, at an altitue of 2550 feet above sea level surrounded by lush green tea plantations, very close to Thekkady Periyar Tiger Sanctuary in Kerala - India. We believe in-off the beaten track - vacations / offroad tourism. Experience the relaxed life in an Indian plantation. The Cottage has two bath attached bedrooms, living cum dining room, kitchen and a spacious verandha. The periyar Tiger reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is jkust 15kms away. We arrange guided forest treks, boat ride at the Periyar Lake, Elephant tides, Off road 4W driver in jeeps through forest, visits to colonial style plantation bungalows, tea factories, spice gardens, fishing etc. Actually its just the place to chill off, shut down your brain and just relax.

Tree Houses

Imagine a place that floats in the sky, a place up high, where you are safe, where you watch the trees swinging in the wind. Imagine a peaceful place, imagine a place where nobody can annoy you, where nobody can see you, and where nobody can find you. Imagine hiding in the verdant foliage, secretly watching colorful butterflies flutter past, while you nest with the beautiful birds of the Western Ghats.

Noah's Nest, Kriscal Kabin and Aiden's Abode are very spacious Tree Houses, situated in the same property as Morleys Place equipped with all modern amenities. These comfortable rooms at tree top level have an amazing view of the Periyar river and mountains covered with lush green tea and wooded forests.

Other things to note

Please note that we will not be able to refund any amount paid to us , if for any reason the guest leaves our place earlier than scheduled. Senior citizens may get anxious as the town is two kilometers away. The last 50 meters of the approach to the Villa is rather steep and guests in self driven vehicles are advised caution. Guests must check in before 4.00 PM


Cable TV
Hot water

Getting inside´╗┐

*No stairs or steps to enter
*There are no kerbs, steps, or stairs to get to the entrance, and the way through the entrance is flat. If it's a multi-storey building, both the front door and unit entrance have no kerbs, steps, or stairs.
*Well-lit path to entrance
*The pavement or pathway to the guest entrance has lighting that makes nighttime navigation easier.
*Step-free path to entrance
*The exterior path – such as a driveway or pavement – to the guest entrance is at least 32 inches (81 centimetres) wide and flat, with little or no slope.
*Wide entrance for guests
*The entrance or doorway guests will use to enter is at least 32 inches (81cm) wide.

Moving around the space

*No stairs or steps to enter
*There are no stairs or steps to get into the common area, and there’s a flat path through the doorway.


*No stairs or steps to enter
*There are no stairs or steps to get into the room – it's on the ground floor or accessible by elevator – and there’s a flat path through the entryway.
*Extra space around bed
*There’s at least 32 inches (81cm) of space between the bed and the closest wall or piece of furniture.
*Wide entrance
*The entrance or doorway to the bedroom is at least 32 inches (81cm) wide.
*Accessible-height bed
*The top of the mattress is between 19-23 inches (48-58cm) from the floor.
*Extra space around bed


*No stairs or steps to enter, there are no stairs or steps to get into the bathroom, and there’s a flat path through the doorway.
*Accessible-height toilet
*The top of the toilet seat is between 17-19 inches (43-48cm) from the floor.
*Handheld shower head
*Wide doorway to guest bathroom
*The entrance or doorway to the guest bathroom is at least 32 inches (81cm) wide.
*Accessible-height toilet

Common areas

*Wide entrance
*The entryway to the common area is at least 81 cm wide.